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Discipleneur is a ministry that is helping churches and other organizations, as well as individuals, spread the word of God. They sell shirts with bible verses on them and we empower all our customers to be able to become their own boss by being able to sell the shirts themselves. They offer different levels of pay, depending on how much work the individual wants to do. This is a great way to spread the word of God and help raise money for churches, schools, and any other organization whose mission is the same.

All customers will be discipleneurs:

There are no special requirements to become a discipleneur, other than signing up. This makes it easy for anyone to join and start spreading the word of God.

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Commission Structure:

Discipleneur offers different commission structures for their discipleneurs, depending on how much work they want to do. The Discipleneur will receive a unique affiliate code and will have the ability to recruit new members and earn a percentage of their sales along with their own.

-Discipleneurs will earn 25% commission on all sales generated from their affiliate code.

-Discipleneurs will earn an additional 10% of their recruit sales generated from their affiliate code.

-For every five sales from your recruits you will receive a free t shirt.

Gold Member

Gold Member is a tier for Discipleneur's who want to own their business. They can purchase Shirts in bulk for wholesale pricing and resale. They will also have a unique affiliate code and be able to recruit their own customers. to keep their account active they must average 25 sales a month to keep their Discipleneur's Gold status. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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